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My Family Tree Maker 2008 died. I know now that it was inevitable, but in the beginning everything seemed fine and I thought we could work it out. After installing the software from the CD, downloading and installing service pack 1, and doing some maintenance and upgrades, I thought we had made peace. However, after returning from being away from it for a week and a half, the software was no longer initializing. Worse than that, my computer took fifteen minutes to boot up and behaved very strangely. I spent the weekend tinkering with the computer, finally gave up and banished FTM 2008 from my hard drive on Sunday night. Glad to report that the computer is doing fine and has returned to her old self.

A curious thing happened though while uninstalling. The dialog box said, “uninstalling Family Tree Maker Beta.” So I called their customer service today to tell them they could eat their stupid software and see what they had to say about the fact that they sold me the beta with a 2008 label on it. The rep seemed to be either confused or in denial and insisted twice that I had downloaded the beta from their website. I am the one that is confused because the beta could not have been working after August 24. I had a moment of frustrated anger. I have been using a computer for twenty some odd years now and FTM since version 10. I have more sense than to download a beta onto a perfectly working MS OS, they are so rare after all. I learned my lesson a looonng time ago. I don’t think he believed me even after he pulled up the order proving that they had sent it to me but he cheerfully offered to send updated software. I’m playing along for now.


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