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Anticipating the reopening of the reading room at the state library, I went by TSLAC’s table at the book festival a couple of weeks ago to inquire. I wasn’t expecting bad news. The official word, they *hope* to have the renovation complete in 2010. At least two more years?! I suspect a budget snafu somewhere.


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influential teachers

Recent events lead to me to think about the process of learning and influential teachers I have known. It seems important that they were not only fantastic teachers, but taught also in the way they conducted themselves and lived their lives. Here is a short list:
  • Carolyn Miles – nurtured a love of reading, overlooked my sleeping through Math, and showed me so many slides;
  • Ruth Ellis – showed me how to be tolerant and loving, and sparked my interest in history;
  • James McGahee – gave me the priceless gifts of music and discipline;
  • Don Killian – connected with my rebellious spirit by teaching me that history is full of untold stories of courage, rebellion and intrigue!
  • Sue McGahee – taught me how to relax, breathe, and resonate;
  • Frances E. Abernethy – planted the idea that I had something to say and urged me not to bore him…repeatedly;
  • Scott Parker, et al – used a heart-centered approach to teach the basics of emergency medical response, and in the process, dragged me kicking and screaming out of my head, and put me back in my body where I belong.

Thanks guys. I don’t know if I turned out to be worthy of your efforts but my life would have been very different without you. I think about you all the time.

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