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My first attempt at locating someone on the census was my maternal great-grandmother’s family, the Jordans. That was probably 1994 or 1995, back when a census check involved a microform reader and a pencil. I found her where I expected to find her, in Coryell county with the rest of her family in 1900. It was a memorable moment.

Here she is, Cora Southey Jordan, with her siblings: Thomas Taylor, Eula Lizzette,  Martha Elizabeth and Florence Easley.

I have used Ancestry.com in the past but have not subscribed in three or four years because I felt that it had ceased to be of much use. I picked all the low-hanging fruit as it were. Recently I subscribed again to go back over some old files in preparation for printing some reports and found her again in 1900, this time in Eastland county.

She boarded with a family in Cisco so that she could further her piano studies. This is where she met her future husband, R. G. Moody. They were married 23 Oct 1901 and settled in Cisco. All six of their children were born there.

Granny would have found this amusing. She had a marvelous dry wit and undoubtly would have responded with something to the effect of either being in two places at once or having a split personality. She passed away 15 Jan 1973 when I was 10 years old.

I have heard tales of such a thing happening but never actually saw an example. Has anyone else ever come across this?

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