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pathophysiology keeping me up at night

Can’t sleep…can’t think…can’t function…exam today. I am in pathoverload. The first exam predisposes to a particular sort of stress induced psychosis. Can’t even come up with eye candy for ww. Here’s an amusing link. adopt a microbe


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mile marker 2005

This photo of Linus and Lucy was taken two years ago. They are munchkins. They came to me in the autumn of 2004 after living the first two years of their lives in a bedroom. It took a few months for them to adapt to their new surroundings. It was great watching them discover a whole world of new things. I call this photo “yang and yin kitties.”  It fits their personalities. They still do their best relating when you are horizontal, preferably on the bed.

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in the beginning

When I was little no one told me how chaotic and beautiful life can be. For some reason it often only appears so upon reflection. It never ceases to amaze me how seemingly endless moments of misery and boredom knit themselves together into a fascinating story. Such is the magic of time and perspective.

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