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When I say pie I mean tart, galette, crostata, tartlet, pielet, fried pie, pizza pie and yes, plain old double crust apple pie. I am defining pie as anything with a mixture of some kind of fat and some kind of flour held together by something wet as a base. You see Santa gifted me with a copy of Martha Stewart’s Pies & Tarts cookbook. As I sit here on New Year’s Eve paging through it, I realize that life has become dull indeed. I have been all about either school or work for the last three years or so. My hobbies will languish no more, and I am starting with pie. Because my experience is largely with dessert, mainly fruit pies, I will make Cherry Tomato, Mozzarella, and Zucchini Pie (page 287) for the new year. Hence pie every week until the intolerable South Central Texas heat makes turning on the oven impossible to contemplate. We should be fine until April or so, after that we are on borrowed time.


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