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Chateau Theatre, Irving, Texas

From the April 6, 1964 issue of Boxoffice magazine:

Two New Shopping Center Theatres
Blueprinted for Dallas Suburbs

Dallas–Construction of two theatres, the fourth and fifth new showcases to be opened here since the war, were announced here during the week.

Mayflower Investment Co. will construct an 850-seater, due to be ready by December 15, in its Plymouth Park Shopping Center in suburban Irving, north and west of downtown Dallas. It will be operated by Meagher Theatres, headed by Jerry Meagher.

The other project was announced by Richard A. Smith, president of General Drive-In Corp. and Raymond D. Nasher, developer of the North Park Shopping Center. It will be a twin auditorium theatre.

Designed to provide the ultimate in convenience and comfort for patrons, the theatre will be built during the first phase of North Park construction now under way on a 100-acre site at Central expressway and Northwest highway.

The twins will be known as Cinema I and Cinema II, Smith said, and will offer films on a first-run basis. Plans call for the erection of two auditoriums joined by a common lobby, with all seating on one floor. The larger auditorium will have approximately 1,000 seats and the smaller, 500 seats.

The twins will open simultaneously with all North Park merchandizing facilities late in July 1965, Nasher said.

General Drive-In, whose headquarters are in Boston, has been a pioneer in the development of the shopping center theatre. Just as it was a leader in the development of the drive-in theatre during the ’40s and ’50s. The firm currently owns and operates 33 drive-in theatres, 38 regular indoor theatres, and a chain of 15 bowling centers.

Fifteen additional indoor theatres in shopping centers are planned for construction in 1964, Smith reported.

From the  October 18, 1965 issue of Boxoffice magazine:

New Meagher Theatre
Will Bow in Irving

Dallas–Another new theatre will begin contributing to the Dallas area entertainment scene Thursday (21) after its invitational preview the preceding evening. The new theatre is the Chateau in Plymouth Park Shopping Center at Irving, a Dallas suburb.

The Chateau, seating 865, will be operated by Meagher Theatres of Irving, headed by Jerry Meagher. The circuit already operates the Twin Drive-In, Dallas; Uptown in Grand Prairie and the Irving Park Plaza and 183 drive-ins. Other construction projects are on the drawing boards.

 From the November 1, 1965 issue of Boxoffice magazine:

De Luxe Chateau Theatre in Irving
Opened by Jerry Meagher Circuit

Irving, Tex.–The Dallas area gained another new theatre October 21 with the opening of the Chateau in Plymouth Park Shopping Center under the ownership of Jerry Meagher, whose circuit headquarters also are in Irving. The opening attraction was “Lord Jim,” starring Peter O’Toole.

The Chateau was designed with the patron’s comfort in mind, Meagher said. “Everything possible has been done to make the Chateau the finest and most luxurious theatre in the Dallas area. We have spared no expense in the design and construction.”

An outstanding feature of the Chateau is the seating, outfitted by Charles McKinney of Modern Sales & Service. The cushioned, tilt-back seats are spaced on 36 and 38-inch centers to provide ample legroom. Although the auditorium easily could have accommodated 1,000 seats, according to architect J. N. McCammon of J. N. McCammon & Associates, only 863 seats were installed, permitting the staggering of seats so that no one is directly behind a chair in the next row. The screen is 36 feet wide and 16 1/2 feet high.

The gold, blue and chartreuse wool carpet was especially woven for the Chateau by Hardin-McGee of Philadelphia, according to the Dallas Times Herald. More than 260 square yards of carpeting are in the new theatre.

The blue and gold color scheme is carried out throughout the theatre. Stage draperies are of gold and turquoise hammered satin. Both the stage curtain and the screen maskings used in converting from conventional to CinemaScope screen are controlled automatically by the operator in the projection booth.

The sound system includes RCA amplifiers and an Altec A-4 stage horn. The interior of the theatre is acoustically designed for high-quality sound reproduction.

Sixty tons of air conditioning and heating automatically maintain the temperature of the film house in a comfortable range continually, while a special venting system has been installed to allowing smoking in one section of the auditorium.

As a special convenience, the theatre has free telephones in each restroom, which are finished in ceramic tile.

All attendants at the Chateau wear specially designed uniforms utilizing the theatre’s blue and gold color theme.


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