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more Heber

My WW post this week is a photo that was taken in Heber City, Utah during the 2002 Winter Olympics. This steam locomotive is run by the Heber Valley Railroad. During the Olympics they used it to take visitors from Heber up to Soldier Hollow where the cross country events were held. Once there, they had mule drawn hay sleds to take you from the platform to the entrance of the venue. It was pretty cool. Literally, it’s in the mountains. There was snow on the ground and a brisk, cold wind was blowing. There were people dressed in 19th century frontier clothing doing 19th century stuff like cooking in dutch ovens and working a forge.


Upon our return, I positioned myself to take a photo of the engine. There was a family already posing for a picture. I waited while they got their shot. Suddenly, the engine chuffed and a big cloud of steam enveloped them. I managed to take a photo of them fleeing. Yes, it was rather loud. No, it wasn’t dangerous, just incredibly funny. The guy with the camera never put his camera down, so somewhere there must be a sequence of photos capturing the event. I have always wondered if the engineer took an opportunity to teach 21st century folks a lesson about standing too close to a steam engine.


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