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I came across this while looking at service records. It is always a treat to come across an original document among the index cards. It is an even better treat if the document contains a description of an ancestor. Further evidence that I am spending too much time with the war instead of preparing for finals.


To all whom it may concern.

The bearer hereof W. R. Meeks, a Corporal in Capt. N. L. McGinnis Company Moores Regt. Tex. Vol. Inft. Aged twenty two years, five feet, eleven inches high, fair complexion, grey eyes, light hair, & by profession a Stockraiser, Born in the state of MO. & enlisted at Galveston in the CSA on the 12th day of September 1861, to serve for the period of the war, Is hereby permitted to go to Blanco, Hays County, State of Texas; He having received a furlough from the 28th day of Jany to the 12th day of Feby 1862. at which period he will rejoin his Company or Regiment at Houston or wherever it then may be, or be Considered a Deserter.

Given under my hand at Houston this 24th day of Jany 1862.

N L McGinnis Capt

Camp 1061 2nd Regt Tex 5 Inft



Application for
Furlough of Corp
Wm R Meeks of Co. H
2 Tex Inf
Moores Regt

Jan 24, 1862

By order of
Brg Gen P O Hebert
Gen R Nelson

(stamped) Rebel Archives, Record Division, War Department.


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James Anderson Jordan was born in Georgia sometime between 1812 and 1815. Martha Bull was born in Jasper County, Georgia 20 Mar 1823. They married in Pike County, Georgia 19 Sep 1837. Pike County was the home of Martha’s family.

James and Martha had 9 children: Margaret Ann Augustus born 12 Dec 1838, John Robert born 19 Oct 1841, James Holmes born 05 Aug 1843, Mary Jane Jutson born 28 Sep 1845, Campbell Ambrose Bull born 07 Jan 1848, Mary Susan Dorcas born 29 Oct 1850, Thomas Daniel Clinton born 02 May 1852, Rebecca Adline born 11 Mar 1855 and William Daniel born 29 Oct 1857.

By 1850 much of the Bull/Jordan extended family had relocated to Ashley County, Arkansas. Martha’s brother William S. Bull and his family had moved to Bradley County. By 1860 Jim and Martha moved to Bradley County as well. William’s wife, Mary Ann, died sometime after the birth of their last child, about 1856, and before the 1860 census. I believe that Martha moved her family so as to be of assistance to her widowed brother and his 8 children.

It was in Bradley County that the family weathered the civil war. The two oldest boys served in the army. Bob enlisted in the 9th Arkansas Infantry at Pine Bluff 25 Jul 1861. He was killed at the Battle of Shiloh at Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee 06 Apr 1862. Jim enlisted in 20th Arkansas Infantry at Warren 28 Feb 1862. He died at Corinth, Mississippi 13 May 1862. Family tradition says he died of the measles. I think that after the death of the two oldest sons and considering the hardships endured in Arkansas in 1862, Jim and Martha most likely sent 14 year old Campbell to visit relatives out of state to keep him out of  harm’s way. As of yet, I have little to support the story of his time spent away.

After the war, Campbell married Alice Martha Taylor in Bradley County 02 Dec 1869. Their first two children were born in Arkansas: James Nicholas born 23 Oct 1870 and Emma Rebecca born 26 May 1872. They moved to Williamson County, Texas in 1874. They had 9 more children in Texas.

It was about this time that Cam’s parents, Jim and Martha, and his younger siblings moved to Williamson County, Texas as well. His sister Mary had married James Harvey Denson, a Texan and a veteran that had served in the Texas cavalry in Arkansas, in 1868 and moved to Williamson County. There were also Bull cousins who lived in Circleville. But more about all that later.

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